Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in Woodridge, IL

The damage in this before picture is the result of storms that came through the Woodridge, IL area this past May.  As you can see from the before picture m... READ MORE

Chemical Spill on Carpet in Bolingbrook, IL

This chemical spill was the result of a client who accidentally spilled bleach on a carpet in their conference room.  SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook was ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Naperville, IL

Torrential rains caused the sump pump to fail in this Naperville, IL home.  The ground water backed up into the home causing major damage to... READ MORE

Water Damage Woodridge, IL

The ceiling collapse in this home in Woodridge, IL is the result of an infant child that over flowed a sink in the second floor bathroom.  Note the extent ... READ MORE

April Storms in Darien, IL

SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook responded to a call over the weekend due to storms that hit the Darien, IL area.   Here you can see a crawlspace that had... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Bolingbrook, IL

The owner of this home had not ventured into his basement for quite sometime. By the time he discovered his pipe break, most of his stored belongings ... READ MORE

Flooded Office in Darien, IL

This office in Darien, IL had been unoccupied for some time. When the property manager stopped by to show the property, he found a pipe leak creating water and... READ MORE

What's hiding in your walls?

Most experts agree that the most perilous mold is the one that is unseen, such as in air conditioning units, duct-work, or as in this case within walls. This o... READ MORE

Sewage Back-Up In Darien, IL

A sewage backup is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This backup in Darien, IL was caused by a broken pipe- raw sewage is the last thing you want inside... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Burst Darien IL

This flooded house in Darien, IL  was the result of a frozen pipe that had burst while the customer was out of town for a few days. The customer walked int... READ MORE