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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Garage Fire in Plainfield, IL

This garage fire occurred over a holiday weekend. The structure was severely damaged from the flames and intense heat. Fortunately, all residents escaped safel... READ MORE

Sub Pump Failure in Bolingbrook, IL

This water loss was a result of a Sub Pump Failure during the early spring rainfalls. It was left unnoticed for two days before the homeowner noticed the loss. ... READ MORE

Frozen Water Pipe in Plainfield, IL

This Frozen Water Pipe Break in Plainfield, IL occurred during the extreme cold weather Chicago suffered this past winter. In the before picture, you can see th... READ MORE

Frozen Water Pipe in Woodridge, IL

This Frozen Water Pipe occurred during the extreme cold weather in Chicago this past winter. As the before photo shows, the pipe broke over head causing the cei... READ MORE

Frozen Water Pipe in Darien, IL

This Frozen Water Pipe in Darien, IL was a result of the extreme weather Chicago land had this past winter. As you can see how the ceiling collapsed from the am... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Burst Darien IL

This flooded house in Darien, IL was the result of a frozen pipe that had burst while the customer was out of town for a few days. The customer walked into thi... READ MORE

Sewage Back-Up In Darien, IL

A sewage backup is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This backup in Darien, IL was caused by a broken pipe- raw sewage is the last thing you want inside your... READ MORE

What's hiding in your walls?

Most experts agree that the most perilous mold is the one that is unseen, such as in air conditioning units, duct-work, or as in this case within walls. This o... READ MORE

Flooded Office in Darien, IL

This office in Darien, IL had been unoccupied for some time. When the property manager stopped by to show the property, he found a pipe leak creating water and... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Bolingbrook, IL

The owner of this home had not ventured into his basement for quite sometime. By the time he discovered his pipe break, most of his stored belongings were subme... READ MORE

April Storms in Darien, IL

SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook responded to a call over the weekend due to storms that hit the Darien, IL area. Here you can see a crawlspace that had some... READ MORE

Water Damage Woodridge, IL

The ceiling collapse in this home in Woodridge, IL is the result of an infant child that over flowed a sink in the second floor bathroom. Note the extent of th... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Naperville, IL

Torrential rains caused the sump pump to fail in this Naperville, IL home. The ground water backed up into the home causing major damage to walls and flooring ... READ MORE

Chemical Spill on Carpet in Bolingbrook, IL

This chemical spill was the result of a client who accidentally spilled bleach on a carpet in their conference room. SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook was calle... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Woodridge, IL

The damage in this before picture is the result of storms that came through the Woodridge, IL area this past May. As you can see from the before picture mold w... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Romeoville, IL

This flooded basement is the result of sump pump failure due to storms that ripped through Romeoville, IL. The family was out of town when the loss occurred. ... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Damage Bolingbrook IL

The pictures above show damage that resulted from someone from a nursing home spraying the fire extinguisher around the office area. The customer was not sure ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Lemont IL

This flooded commercial office building is the result of sprinkler heads that went off because of the heat in the building-this happened during normal business ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Darien IL

SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook was called out to a job site after a realtor entered a home that was vacant for a while. The realtor was in the process of wor... READ MORE

Bolingbrook, IL Fire Damage

Fire damage, including smoke and soot, affects not only the structure of your house but also your belongings. SERVPRO of Woodridge / Bolingbrook understands you... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage Houston, Texas

SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook traveled with the storm team to Houston, Texas to deal with the aftermath that Hurricane Harvey left behind. This before and a... READ MORE

Flooded School, Woodridge IL

This flooded lunch room in Woodridge, IL was the result of heavy rains that the suburb was experiencing. The sump pump could not keep up with all of the rain a... READ MORE

House Fire in Willowbrook, IL

SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook was called out to do the clean up after a house fire in Willowbrook, IL. Luckily no one was injured as a result of this fire. ... READ MORE

Attic Mold Remediation

SERVPRO's staff of chemists keeps us supplied with the most efficient remediation products. By choosing and using the right product for the job, we are able to ... READ MORE

Soot and Odor Damage Darien, IL

SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook was onsite to assist a homeowner with the clean up of some soot damage caused by a small house fire. Not only soot but also sm... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Bolingbrook, IL

This bathroom in a home in Bolingbrook, IL is a result of neglect. As you can tell from the before picture-there is mold growth in the shower area. SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Mold Damage Darien, IL

In as little as 48 hours, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business when there’s a water intrusion, like a roof leak or leaking water lin... READ MORE

Storm Damage Woodridge, IL

These photos show damage to a home after torrential rains came down in full force in a Woodridge, IL neighborhood. We were onsite to assist with the clean up. ... READ MORE

Commercial Damage Darien, IL

These pictures of a flooded office building are from a water main break that occurred in Darien, IL. The crew from SERVPRO of Woodridge/Bolingbrook was hired t... READ MORE

Music Store Pipe Break Naperville, IL

This flooded piano/music store was the result of a broken pipe. The extent of the damage had the customer thinking they would be closed down for months. SERVP... READ MORE